Dental insurance insurer and insurance broker are cooperating with dental clinics in Estonia. You can see a list of our current partners – partner clinics here and it is constantly updated.

With partner clinics we have agreed in the following:

  • in these practices you can submit an insurance application followed by the e-mail to you with an insurance offer and bank payment link;
  • invoice of these practices acts as a claim form which has to include your information, dentist information, treatment description, code and full cost and tooth number the treatment was related to;
  • if such a service is offered by the practice the invoice is sent to the claims handler directly by the practice and you do not need to pay for the treatment within the limit of maximum benefit, the treatment costs will be reimbursed up to the policy limits directly to the contracting practices;
  • if above described service is not provided by the practice you are obliged to pay the full cost of the dental treatment and send us the invoice for the compensation.

NB! If you require emergency or accidental treatment in another dental practice in Estonia or abroad or oral cancer treatment in other medical practices in Estonia we accept the practice invoices to compensate your treatment costs according to benefit rules agreed in the policy.