Insurance cover is the insurer’s obligation to pay the indemnity for dental treatment listed in terms and conditions Annex A, within the limits of the maximum sum insured after the insured event.

The cover will take effect immediately, except for regular treatment and oral cancer treatment to which a waiting period is applied. The waiting period is a certain period of time from the start date of the insurance contract. The insurance indemnity will not be paid for insured events that take place during this period. The exact duration of the waiting period (in days) is specified for each type of treatment in Annex A of terms and conditions.

Insurance cover applies:

  • for the regular treatment rendered at a all clinics in Estonia;
  • for accident treatment in all dental practices which are offering such services in Estonia or by a licensed dentist abroad;
  • for oral cancer treatment rendered at any medical institution in Estonia.

Please note: This dental policy does not provide coverage for certain conditions which are excluded in terms and conditions, you can find them here.