How to join to dental insurance and pay a premium?

The dental insurance distributor assigns the claims arising from the dental insurance contract to Inbank AS, including the claims for Slice’s contributions and ancillary claims for the claims. Slice payment method allows you to divide your annual insurance premium into instalments. Check the terms of the Slice payment method.


Compare benefit packages

Select the benefit package what best suits to your insurance interest.

Make your choice between 3 payment ways - SLICE 3, SLICE 6, SLICE 12

Inbank pays your full insurance premium behalf of you immediately and you will pay to Inbank in 3, 6 or 12 equal installments free of interest and fees.

Fill in the insurance application

Make sure you enter all your details correctly without any errors.

Pay the insurance premium, means agree to instalment payments

To make a payment, confirm your identity in Inbank's authorization process and agree to the terms and conditions of Inbank's payment method.

Find your insurance policy confirming the start of your insurance coverage in your email inbox

The insurance distributor confirms insurance contract entry into force of by issuing the insurance policy immediately after the payment of the insurance premium payment.