• Dental insurance is an insurance product that covers your dental expenses incurred during your insurance period (1 year) based on benefit rules agreed by the insurance terms and conditions.


  • Dental insurance offers insurance coverage for regular treatment, accident treatment and oral cancer treatment if needed. A list of all reimbursable treatments is available here.


  • Dental insurance is available to all Estonian or foreign citizens in age 19-70, provided that regular dental care is provided at dental clinics in Estonia.


  • When you sign up for dental Insurance, you can only insure the cost of treatment of the teeth that you have in your mouth at the time of signing up. Treatment of the teeth (replacement with an implant, bridge or denture) which have been removed before joining to dental insurance is not covered by insurance.


  • You can get refunded dental treatment rendered at any dental clinic in Estonia and, in the event of an accident, at any foreign licensed dental clinic.


  • To join dental insurance, all you have to do is choose the insurance coverage package, payment method (1-, 3- or 12-time payment) that suits your insurance interest, complete the insurance application and pay the premium or first installment of the Premium.NB! Your insurance coverage will be in force immediately as soon as you pay the premium or first installment, but regular and oral cancer treatments bills will be reimbursed in case of treatment after the waiting period.


  • Dental insurance risk ist aken by insurer’s AXA Group subsidiary XL Insurance Company SE in Ireland. AXA Group is one of the three largest insurance companies in the world. Insurers’ stability and strength is demonstrated by the Financial Strength Ratings, which is an assessment of an insurer’s ability to meet its obligations to policyholders. For XL Insurance Company SE, the financial strength rating is the A + given to those insurance companies that have the best ability to meet their insurance obligations.


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